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I've always appreciated the creativity of men at war. Particularly, the ways in which they marked or decorated their tools and weapons. The fuselages of aircraft and armor became canvases to exhibit their bravado, prowess, or mission and joined them with their brothers under a common banner.

These shirts are printed by hand in my shop. The imagery - emblazoned on the back - is pulled from photos of two world wars. My touch mark is on the left breast.

I offer one size (XL) and one color (Olive), not unlike the military clothing of yore.


Portraits / Illustrations

Work Apron


Are you weary of looking like you've wrestled a pig?  Why not wear one instead?

My aprons are cut from processed pig hide and hand stitched with waxed upholstery thread. Brass hardware and copper rivets hold the connection points. Pockets and instrument loops are available with an added charge.

My pattern is proven and adjustable without excess material to get in your way.

The Hat

Drawing pictures was my first craft. Understanding - at an early age - how light and shadow play across shapes gave way to three dimensional work.

I still enjoy drawing portraits and creating illustrations.

These works are meticulously rendered - by hand - in graphite on illustration board.

If you have a loved one, a structure, or a trade that needs captured in this manner, please connect with me to develop your image.

Pricing and sizes are noted in the shopping cart.

Here it is, my hat.

It is a copy of the wool fisherman's cap that I inherited from my father. You cant purchase one like this from anyone but me. I made it from remnants of military canvas, leather, and copper rivets.

There is some machine stitching but the majority is by hand.

If you really want one, you wont worry about the $450 price tag. Contact me.

Forge Work