​The Little Box of Horror

December 2018

Conjured from the Robert Rogers 1759 raid on St. Francis during the French and Indian War.

The box is made from curly, quarter sawn, White Oak, joined with hand-cut dovetails and a sliding lid. The finish is Aquafortis, linseed oil, and wax. The White Devil is carved from curly maple with animal hair, various finishes, and applications. The plug bayonet and tomahawk are forged with wooden handles. The haunted Ranger is mounted to a hidden armature that engages as the lid is open

The Iron Maiden 

The Little Box of Horror

​The Iron Maiden Part I

September 2019

I traded the Little Box of Horror that I made for a .50 Cal gun barrel and lock. I'm building this rifle to compete at the Sgt. Alvin York Match in Pall Mall, Tennessee. I've got to have this and it's accompanying box completed and tested by March of 2020.

The barrel, manufactured by Ed Rayl, is a .50 caliber octagon, bull that is 54" long and weighs 16.5 pounds. Fortunately, this match is from the supported prone position, as the completed rifle will probably weigh over 20 pounds.

From Northwest Lumber, I chose a piece of root-cut, quartersawn, curly white oak for the stock. It will be a challenge to work, due to the tangle of grain, but it should prove to be very attractive when finished.

I'm patterning this rifle from a type of competition rifle that was manufactured in the late 1800's in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. The stock will be mounted with steel and wrought iron furniture. I'll finish it with Aquafortis and linseed oil which will give it the color of the box at the beginning of this video.

What you see here is the traditional method of mounting gun barrels in wood stocks. Chisels, inletting black, and lots of time.

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