My classes offer opportunities to make simple or elaborate objects depending on the participants investment. Small items such as hooks, rings, and necklaces up to larger items such as tools and knives are an option.
I charge $50 per hour - including materials and tools - starting with a two hour minimum up to an eight hour maximum per session.
Classes are on the last Saturday of each month and begin at 9am.

We will begin with the principles of building and maintaining the fire and will progress to the manipulation of metal.
The only items the participant needs to bring are leather gloves and safety glasses.
My forge is outside and operates in fair or inclement weather. Please dress appropriately on your scheduled day. Cotton clothing - non flammable and perishable - is recommended for wear as this is a hobby that comes with a lot of dirt and hot embers. Sulfur Dioxide is produced when forging with coal and can be problematic for people with respiratory issues.

Feel free to contact me for further information or scheduling.