I was born into a primitive living experiment called Padanaram in Silverville, Indiana on July 1st, 1971. My family lived communally with others on 700 acres of old growth, hardwood forest. My father hunted, fished, and trapped with the other men to provide provisions. My mother and other women tended gardens, sewed clothing, and educated the children. This environment instilled within me a penchant for primitive ways and a passion for anthropology. My family left the commune after the death of two sisters from cancer and spinal meningitis. A hereditary form of cancer would eventually take the lives of three other siblings and ultimately my father in 1995. After the death of my father, I enlisted into the United States Army and volunteered for Special Forces (The Green Beret's). I completed the arduous Selection Course in 1999 and  served in a rapid deployment  Infantry unit until I was honorably discharged in 2005. I reside on the banks of White River in Fishers, Indiana with my wife and daughter. I possess no formal art training, but what the Universe has provided. I have completed and continue to create commissioned work for individuals as well as The American Red Cross, The American Lung Association,  The United States Special Forces Association, and The Infantry Bugler.

I excel in multiple mediums as well as structural design and utilitarian items.

Sharek A. Gadd

Initiator of Handsome Things

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